Our laser guns and other equipment are new and current generation.

The guns fire safe bursts of laser with a range of around 150 meters.

The lasers light can be seen in weaker light levels.

The guns are light enough for kids. (1.3kg)

Friendly fire is turned off unless requested otherwise.

Rate of fire, damage per hit, ammo and life points can be adjusted.

Head sensor bands allow more fair game play than most other systems.

Hats issued to everyone, adults and kids, so the adjustable head sensors are comfortable.

We use multiple mission based games during your event.

When ammunition of life has run out you can top up FREE at your teams medic point.

We Have medic boxes, ammo boxes and for the favourite game cenario, the domination box !

Adult uniforms available. overalls and team specific Desert or DPM shirts and hats.

We will use more and better equipment as it is deemed viable.


We do not use Infrared guns.

There is no bulky torso plastics to strap on.

We dont have an astroturf site. We use real terrain.

No random laser shows, use of smoke machines or weird music.


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